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"125 үнэгүй казино"

  • Иосеф Табарес

    Just for fun @birchybaby @xeraphyna @TigerGG @dhan @kriskros46 @annekew Today starts our start fair which boasts over 75 kinds of food on a stick, a husband calling contest, a cow chip throwing contest, the butter cow sculpture, over 350 food stands and the biggest boar (weight 1166 pounds) and the biggest bull contest&; 3,012 pounds&;more than some cars weigh This fair is a huge deal and known as one of the best. I showed horses there for many years and grabbed a couple of grand champions along the way but I hate the crowds and after spending a week or so with them I was always ready to head for home. &;.just thought some of you who know me would enjoy this tidbit of info